Estate Liquidation Central Ohio

Your premier partner for estate liquidation services.

The Burns Auction staff is knowledgeable and tenacious in identifying, cataloging and selling estates via online auction and donating or disposing of any remaining items for hassle-free results with top prices for everything we sell.

Estate Liquidation Central Ohio

Our Proven Process makes your Estate Liquidation Easy

The Burns Auction staff is knowledgeable and tenacious in identifying, cataloging and selling your estate contents and liquidating any remaining items for hassle-free estate liquidation. We aggressively market to our extensive base of bidders locally and around the world so you get the best prices for your prized possessions.

No moving or storage fees

No moving or storage fees

Because we hold our auctions online only at the estate, there are no moving or storage fees. You also maintain possession of all items throughout the process.

We know “junk”

We know “junk”

We accurately identify, photograph and catalog everything in the estate, often finding very valuable items that would otherwise be overlooked, labeled as “junk,” or sold for pennies at a yard sale.

We maximize the value for you!

We maximize the value for you!

We separate the gems from the items of lesser value. From artwork, coins, jewelry, vintage cars, and watches, to more modest items such as furniture, tools in the garage and assorted housewares, our goal is to maximize the value of these items for you!

Size doesn’t matter

Size doesn’t matter

No job is too big, and we don’t get overwhelmed. We handle junk removal and transform jam-packed estates into empty, clean houses that are ready for sale.

Burdened with grief and a lifetime of possessions?

Burdened with grief and a lifetime of possessions?

You’ve lost a loved one. Cleaning out a home filled with memories, family heirlooms and possessions collected over a lifetime can seem insurmountable.

The amount of work and raw emotion can be overwhelming.

You need someone with years of experience, a keen eye, empathy, and the determination to get top prices for every item sold at auction. Estates and major downsizings are our entire focus.

Accurate inventorying and cataloging of all items in the estate

Accurate inventorying and cataloging of all items in the estate

Complete management of the auction

Complete management of the auction

Donation and disposal of anything left in the home after the auction

Donation and disposal of anything left in the home after the auction

We relieve the burden

What’s of value and what isn’t? What do you keep and what do you sell? And most importantly, do you have the time, experience and expertise to deal with it?

These are tough questions when you’re trying to manage the estate of a recently deceased friend or family member, or significantly downsizing for a residential move.

Burns Auction relieves you of the burden, worry and guilt that often accompanies these momentous and difficult occasions.

Over 100 auctions successfully conducted each year

Auction and liquidation industry professionals who are licensed, bonded and insured

Featured on Good Morning America and HGTV

Better Business Bureau A+ Rated

Complete Customer Satisfaction

We Relieve the Burden
Department of Agriculture State of Ohio License
A+ BBB Rating
CAGA Certified Appraiser
100% Bonded and Insured
4.8 Star Google Business Reviews
Family-Owned Business

Explore our current auctions and estate liquidation services.

Current Auctions

Current Auctions

Every estate contains items of value that find their way into auctions. Discover treasures at our online auctions that you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Estate Sales

Estate Auction Service

We appraise your personal property, attract the right buyers, and manage the sale and liquidation of your entire estate from beginning to end for a hassle-free experience.

Estate Cleanouts

Estate Cleanout Service

Estate cleanouts can be physically and emotionally overwhelming. But they don’t have to be when the estate professionals at Burns Auction handle the entire process for you.

Explore our current auctions and estate liquidation services.

Schedule a Discovery Meeting

1. Schedule a Discovery Meeting

Call us. We are estate liquidators and auction professionals with experience in managing all sizes of estate sales and cleanouts. We want to get to know you and learn how we can help. Consultations are totally free.

See Your Property

2. See Your Property

We’ll schedule a visit to the property so we can best help you through the tangle of emotions and logistics associated with estate sales and cleanouts.

We Sell It All

3. We Sell It All

Now we get to work identifying, photographing, and cataloging everything in the estate with the aim of getting top prices.

You Get Paid

4. You Get Paid

We promote the estate sale and manage the sale and cleanout process from beginning to end. Our large staff, years of experience and huge bidder network gets you the best price for each of your estate sale treasures sold during the online auction.

The overwhelming emotion and sheer enormity of liquidating an estate.

The time, effort, and emotional toll of liquidating an estate isn’t something you think about…until you’re faced with undertaking the task on your own.

Then, you’re stuck with boxes heavy with memories. Add to this the burden of an expectation to “do right” by your loved ones. Every estate sale contains items of value – many are personal, others are obvious, and some are hidden in plain sight.

If you don’t manage this process correctly, you could be left wondering for years if you did it right, and did the best you could by your loved ones. Let the estate professionals at Burns help.

The overwhelming emotion and sheer enormity of liquidating an estate.
It’s a good feeling knowing the estate was handled with respect and dignity.

It’s a good feeling knowing the estate was handled with respect and dignity.

Choosing an estate sale liquidator to settle the affairs of a loved one, or successfully managing a major downsizing using an experienced provider gives you the confidence and reassurance you need to move forward in life.

We aggressively sell to our extensive base of bidders locally and around the world so you get the best prices for your estate sale treasures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an estate sale?

An estate sale is the marketing of the total contents of someone’s home, buildings, grounds, either via auction or tag sale.

Estate sales don’t always include real estate, but rather focus on personal items. Each estate sale is different but many involve the liquidation and disposal of everything in a home, outbuildings and on the property. For example, an estate sale may include antiques, artwork, cars, clothing, collectibles, dishes, furnishings, household items, jewelry, personal belongings, and more. We handle the entirety of what’s in the house.

While some attempt to handle this difficult process themselves, many engage a professional to handle the process and to manage activities associated with an auction including sorting, organizing, photography, cataloging, advertising, shipping, buyer pickup, and all post-sale follow-up activities.

What is a tag sale?

A tag sale is an estate sale conducted by pricing each item, then having then allowing the public to walk through the home to shop those particular items. Often tag sales result in far lower prices than an online auction with international reach. Burns Auction does not conduct tag sales.

What is an online auction?

An online auction is an estate sale conducted via an auction that is held totally online, where bidders participate by viewing photos and descriptions on their computer or smartphone.

What is an estate cleanout?

An estate cleanout is the removal of all remaining items of no value inside a home. Burns Auction donates as much as possible from an estate cleanout, and disposes of the rest.

What is an estate liquidation?

This is an overarching term that includes both the estate sale and cleanout. It’s the whole package.

What is the difference between Burns Auction’s estate auction services and those of many others?

As an estate liquidator, Burns Auction will empty the entire estate by selling everything of value and donating or disposing of what is left, leaving nothing behind. An estate liquidation can prove not only cost effective but also efficient as it leaves you free from being personally responsible for the many time consuming, emotionally draining and labor-intensive aspects of estate liquidation. You can also be sure our knowledge, experience and marketing abilities will bring top prices for everything we sell. Our entire focus as a business is on estates and major downsizings.

What does an estate liquidator do?

An estate liquidator carefully sorts, organizes, and evaluates every piece of personal property in an estate, writes appealing auction catalogs, takes professional photos and markets to interested bidders both locally and around the world. Our extensive experience with a wide variety of objects yields top prices and leaves no stone unturned when maximizing the value of what’s in a home. We know what people want, how they want to buy and how to reach those buyers. We also have the manpower to handle jobs big and small, from selling items of value to donating or disposing of what is left.

How do I learn more about Burns Auction’s services?

You can call, text or email us at any time to learn more about our estate sale services and estate liquidations. We will reply promptly and provide you with information about our estate auction and cleanout services. We take pride in our responsiveness to your needs. Consultations are totally free.

What are the biggest challenges faced by people trying to clear out an estate?

The challenges are two-fold. Those handling an estate feel a tremendous burden to do right by the loved one they have lost. They want to honor their loved one’s memory by ensuring that person’s worldly possessions are handled respectfully, and the value of those items is maximized.

Most people handling an estate of a loved one also feel pressure to get an estate liquidated so that a home can be sold, and so that the process of grieving can move forward. Add to this the surprising amount of detailed work that goes into estate liquidation and individuals or families can find themselves in an overwhelming situation. Working with an established and professional estate liquidation and estate sale company like Burns Auction can significantly reduce the stress related to total estate cleanouts – while maximizing the financial value of a loved one’s possessions.

What should I look for in an estate liquidator?

Some critical factors to consider include checking online reviews, confirming accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, asking if the estate auction company holds an Ohio auction license in good standing, assessing certifications such as membership in the Certified Appraiser’s Guild of America, and confirming that the provider has commercial property and liability insurance. Asking for references from past clients and looking at examples of previous auctions that might be similar to yours is also a good idea. Most companies also offer a free consultation, which will allow you to meet in person, and will also give the estate auction company a sense of your needs and objectives.

When do I call in a professional?

Burns Auction offers free consultations. Call us and we are happy to come out to assess your needs. The sooner in the process you call us, the more we can help. Do not wait until many items have been thrown away from the estate – some may be very valuable. Do not try to hold a yard sale on your own – how do you know you’re pricing things right? Don’t even try to start organizing without some advice from us. We can help! A consultation will allow us to set expectations, give you a sense of what you have, and also provide a road map for what your sale and clean out could look like. Trust me, it’ll take some weight off your shoulders.

How do I get paid from the estate liquidator after my estate liquidation is complete?

Burns Auction sends checks on the 10th business day following each auction. We pay promptly and offer a complete breakdown of each item’s selling price, commissions and fees and any other important information. As auctioneers licensed with the state of Ohio, we adhere to strict professional and financial standards for how payment and final settlements are handled.